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Henry Ford Health System shipping 35,000 new Carhartt-made, rear-end-covering hospital gowns

Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System said Thursday that more than 35,000 new Model G gowns are going to its hospitals this month, offering more style and fixing a lack of rear coverage by other hospital gowns.

Resembling a wrap-around robe, the Model G gown closes the once-drafty back, using adjustable snaps on the front and along the shoulders.

The new gowns are made by Dearborn-based Carhartt Inc. from a cotton-poplin blend for improved comfort. They were developed by the Henry Ford Innovation Institute at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. A version was introduced in 2013 and a revised design was unveiled last year.

The gown's Model G name is a tribute to auto industry pioneer Henry Ford and his Model T.

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