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"As an industrial designer I have a passion for solving complex problems by creating elegant products and systems that optimize function, value and appearance for the mutual benefit of users and manufacturers. I pride myself on combining design and an entrepreneurial spirit to imagine new products and services that people can use everyday" - Michael Forbes

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Mimics Enlight

An all new Structural Heart pre-procedural planner, Mimics Enlight TMVR CT based workflow was developed in partnership with Henry Ford Health System and Materialise. Based on validated, published clinical data as part of the MITRAL trial 


Hyundai Kia R&D

Design thinking workshops with North American R&D teams lead to novel technologies, improved customer experiences, and several patent applications around the future of mobility and ride sharing. Novel concepts were then validated through UX customer research and training events.



Cath NAV

A bedside EVD (External Ventricular Drain) system as a means to combat the issues of patient head positioning and to improve the placement of catheters to prevent damage to healthy brain tissue. The bedside system includes a mobile application, image mapping and a smart catheter guide.


Model G Patient Gown

A wrap-around robe that blends style and comfort for the patient with essential features needed for doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians, and other hospital staff to provide care while putting an end to those drafty and embarrassing moments as a patient.



Point of Care 3D Printing

Lead efforts to implement in-house 3D printing services and developed a proprietary pre-surgical planning tool


Care Trail

CareTrail is a powerful clinical communication and collaboration application that combines messaging, on-call scheduling and tasks into a HIPAA-compliant suite. CareTrail interfaces with electronic medical record systems, labs, and has secured integration options for critical values reporting, admits, discharges, transfers, and external communication systems.



SF Draft1 38.jpg


An effective and compelling hand hygiene technology. BioVigil differentiates itself from competitive solutions by way of a number of patents, which are unique to their product use-case and system solutions for hand hygiene detection and reporting. BIOVIGIL’s patented technology can be easily deployed in any circumstance where monitoring and compliance to hand hygiene policies are essential to protecting, or improving patient and/or staff safety.


Renal Cooling Syringe

From the mind of Dr. Craig Rogers, The purpose of this investigational device was to evaluate the feasibility of an ice delivery syringe developed through the Henry Ford Innovation Institute for use during a robotic partial nephrectomy to cool the kidney for protection against renal ischemia

SF Draft1 45_edited.jpg


Pill Dispensor V2 Keyshot.100.png

Pill Dispenser

Designed to be compatible with PillPack by Amazon. A secure home pharmacy that delivers medication on schedule automatically. Designed to serve patients and patient care givers who manage multiple medications. The smart interface enables mobile app integration through the users smart phone where they can receive notifications and reminders.


LAA Occluder

A collaboration with Dr. William O'Neill, Concept development work was completed to visualize a novel concept for occluding the left atrial appendage. 

LAAV2 Concept Pres 4-2-15-1 2.png



SF Draft1 26.jpg

As an intern on the Marvel team I had the pleasure of of researching future play patterns and

proposed innovative ways of play for the 2011 Avenger's movie line of toys. During this time I refined my ID sketching, used Ai to generate control drawings, and Ps to create tech packs for prototyping and manufacturing.

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