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Care Trail

Care Trail provides secure, healthcare collaboration anytime, anywhere.

CareTrail is a powerful clinical communication and collaboration application that combines messaging, on-call scheduling and tasks into a HIPAA-compliant suite. CareTrail interfaces with electronic medical record systems, labs, and has secured integration options for critical values reporting, admits, discharges, transfers, and external communication systems.


During my time at Henry Ford Health System I had the pleasure of working on the early research and discovery phase of Care Trail when it was called Stat Chat. Stat Chat was intended solve the complicated scheduling and communication problems related to patient care and the various care team members in and out of the hospital who were on call. 


I was responsible for helping our resident fellows develop this idea using early prototyping methods like, paper mockups and wireframes that led to a licensing deal with Vision IT in Detroit, MI. Below are some early sketches and prototypes I helped design as a proof of concept.

Doc - Mar 27, 2013, 1-11 PM.jpg
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